Saturday, August 9, 2008

Returning Home

I'm stuck in the Heathrow Airport waiting for our new flight. I have 10 mins left on this wifi subscription.
We missed our flight to come home. Apparently you need to be at the airport 3 hours ahead of time. We were only an hour early. My frustration might not be coming through, but trust me, it's present. 8 mins left.
I had a pretty good trip here. It wasn't the most relaxing, but it was a good break from work and the stress/chaos/anxiety of life. I'm stoked to be returning home, but I also dread it.
I hope to be slightly refreshed, and to have a better attitude about life. Over the past 2 months, I learned some stuff about myself. Perhaps I'm relearning some stuff too. This whole "adulthood" thing is a process. 6 mins left.
I went to the end of a CS Lewis Conference and heard Phillip Yancey speak and two other gentlemen. Smart guys. They gave me insight into my struggles.

The wifi network just told me my time is almost up. 3 mins left.
So I'll leave you with this photo of documentation that I haven't been hiding in my bedroom this past week, but was actually in a distant land.
This is me in the "Tube." Cheerio


Kelly said...

Lukey, how fun! Your picture only gets me excited for when Jess and I get to go to Europe! I missed you while you were gone and hopefully now you're home safe and sound. Let's hang out soon.

Nicole said...

who knew you need 3 hours prep time for international flights? that's new. haha, and thanks for watching my "break Up" video. and i like how you spelled my name... nicoal... haha.

shaun said...

I want to know what the insight was.