Thursday, March 20, 2008

Best Week Ever

Last Sunday's elevation service, Brent mentioned Easter week is second only to the week of creation.
I find no qualms with this, except that it may need a qualifier, that this is the best week for mankind.
It probably was a pretty tough week for Jesus.
He had the foreknowledge that one of his 12 would betray him.
He was aware of his impending doom and sacrifice.
He knew that still to this day, much of humanity would not acknowledge him as the one true God.

Not to be heretical, but I don't know what i would do in these circumstances if i was Jesus.

I always remember a song by the band Dogwood when I reflect on Easter and the Passion.

"Do or Die"

I killed the Son of God today.
I built the cross where He was slain.
My sins,
The hands that held the hammer that
drove the nails through His skin.
Someday I win.
I want to make it up.
I want to die to myself for You.
It makes me fall apart,
When I think of all that You went through.
I owe my all to You. (I owe my all to You)

Because when it came to do or die.
You died for me,
Though I would be nothing perfect,
For human eyes to see.

My hands are Yours for works.
My eyes will seek until I've found You.
My legs will walk the earth,
Until You tell me my work is through.
I want to make it up,
I want to die to myself for You,
You are the one that I love,
I owe my all to you. (I owe my all to you)


I met the Son of God today,
He said "I forgive you for My pain",
He took my sin that held the hammer
that drove the nails through His skin,
He said I win.


I'm a new creation through You,
Created for You by You.
So make me worth Your while,
Put me to use.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Hey, Remember Me?

It's been a while.
Let's start off slow.
Here's a few jokes...

How did Hitler tie his shoes?
With little nazis.

Have you heard the jump rope joke?
Eh, skip it.

On a scale of 1-10,
how old was Michael Jackson's boyfriend?

thanks, I'll be here all week.