Thursday, September 27, 2007

More Stimulating Talk Radio

I finished my last day at KFI AM 640. One whole year believe it or not. I worked in the promotions department, which included podcasting, creating contests and going to events, representing KFI.
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What I will miss:
Being aware of all the current events.
Seeing the occasional celebrity.
My coworkers.
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What I won't miss:
The commute. 3-4 hours a day.
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Shaving and dressing modestly.
Dealing with the "talent."
Going to events in the boondocks and setting up a tent and passing out swag for just two hours.
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Dealing with KFI fans like this.


awesome blossom said...

dude, that chick is crazy.

(I guess you can use my face if I can use your name.)


Melissa Brosch said...

What I don't miss about KFI (cause I don't listen much anymore) is stinking John and Ken! Regardless of how insightful and logical they are, they just whine like babies and are constantly pissed off about something! I know its their schtick, but it feels like Chinese water torture after a while. The negativity is wearing until you realize, "Wait...I don't have to listen if i don't want to!" Congratulations on finishing your year there.

Doug Brown said...

i found you

DJ RED said...

Yo Sucka! How are you? I love the pic. You should of told me about your blog nerd. Aight peace.

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